David Mech for Palm Beach County School Board (District 3)
About Me:
My name is David Mech, and I am running for the District 3 seat on the Palm Beach County School Board.  My campaign is centered around 5 central themes: Technology, Innovation, Equality, Sex Education and Secular Values.

My Educational Background:
Diploma, Detroit Catholic Central H.S., 1994
BA, Finance, Michigan State University (Eli Broad College of Business), 1998
MS, Information Management, Arizona State University (W.P. Carey College of Business), 2001
PhD Student, Indiana University, Media Economics (Telecommunications) & Human Sexuality
PhD Student, Computer Science, Florida Atlantic University
Florida Real Estate Broker License, Florida Department of Business & Professional Regulation

Why Run for the School Board?
My interest in local politics first developed in 2001, when I purchased my first condominium in California. I wanted to replace the old, outdated windows with new, energy-efficient ones, but the condo board fought me every step of the way.  The dispute ultimately ended up in court, and I was successful.  The judge, frustrated by the condo board's behavior, suggested that I run for the board.  Ever since that incident, I have been elected to the condo board of every development in which I have owned a unit.

Fast forward 13 years to today. I now see similar senseless decision making, not from a condo board, but from a school board!  The current board is operating with an outdated mindset on issues related to technology, innovation, equality, sex education and secular values.  For example, why would the current Board spend limited educational resources litigating cases that do absolutely nothing to further education, when that money could be much better spent on laptops for kids, leveraging technology in the classroom?  Why are we not running criminal background checks on school volunteers and business partners? These items should be of great concern to any voter in the District who is concerned about financial accountability and child safety.  

Thus, in keeping with the spirit of that wise California judge, I am running for the Palm Beach County School Board (District 3) to bring about fundamental change in areas where the current Board is deficient.  Once again, these areas include technology, innovation, equality, sex education and secular values.

Please explore this website to learn more about my position on key issues, and watch the video below to learn why it's important for educators, like me and others, to participate in state and local politics.  I hope to win your vote in the upcoming primary election on Tuesday, August 26th and again during the general election on Tuesday, November 4th.  Together, we can make Palm Beach County schools great! :)

Thank you,

David Mech
The Happy/Fun Math Tutor

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