David Mech for Palm Beach County School Board (District 3)


I believe that the School Board should embrace all educational resources.  Rather than discipline, suspend or even terminate teachers, staff and others who engage in perfectly lawful activity on their own time, I will welcome the diversity of our people and never arbitrarily retaliate against an employee, contractor, business partner or volunteer due to his or her perfectly lawful, off-duty conduct or lifestyle choices.

Interestingly, school boards collectively oppose "bullying" in their schools (i.e., students picking on other students, not because they did anything wrong, but merely because they are different), yet these same school boards "bully" their own employees, partners, and volunteers merely because of their unique, yet lawful, lifestyle choices.

If elected to the School Board, I would end bullying in both student and administrative populations.  Furthermore, I would amend the School Board's discrimination policy (3.19) to include protections for lawful, off-duty conduct.
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Below are some news articles about school board discrimination against educators based on their perfectly lawful,