David Mech for Palm Beach County School Board (District 3)


I believe that secular values and the free exchange of ideas are important to maximize the quality of our educational system. If elected to the School Board, I will fight to keep religious institutions separate from our public institutions, and I will encourage public discourse and open debate surrounding the contentious issues that exist within the district. Ultimately, school board policy should be based on peer-reviewed, scientific research in conjunction with open and honest public discourse. Our discussions surrounding ethics, values and morality should be had in the context of a 21st century conversation, not a 1st century one.

Please watch the videos below to get an idea of my view on ethics and morality and how fair and open debate should be conducted.
Why religion-based morality harms schools:
Aside from the obvious public health issues associated with not having condoms available in schools, despite a teen pregnancy rate that is almost 7 times that of other developed countries, the following is just one example of how religious (non-secular) morality can negatively affect the ability of a school district to carry out its important mission.

In 2011, the Palm Beach County School Board attempted to reject a much needed $20,000 donation that would have provided free school lunches to low-income students at Roosevelt Elementary School in West Palm Beach.  Why?  Because the benefactor happened to own, among other businesses, some perfectly lawful gentlemen's clubs.

Ultimately, parents and the community rallied to support their school, and the School Board eventually allowed the donation to be accepted.  In a secular society, this never would have been an issue.

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